I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out the Next Act of my life. It’s involved tons of books and lists. Day dreams and fever dreams. Hand wringing and self-analyzing and barstool bitching. And after an epic 10,000 mile road trip to spur my thinking, spark some inspiration, and get the hell out of my own way — I finally charted a path.

I was in the starting blocks, ready to take off like Usain Bolt into a magnificent new life. It was spring, the perfect time for rebirth. It was March, to be precise. March of 2020.

Then the friggin’ world came to a standstill.

But beneath the sadness and frustration and fear and anger and fatigue and the other emotions we’re all feeling during this pandemic, my Next Act plans kept percolating. A once-in-a-century experience like this can shift our perspective — or turn it on its head. If we don’t learn from a challenge — no matter the size — then it’s a wasted opportunity. After nearly a year of corona-life, my plans have been tweaked and refined — and in some ways totally overhauled. But I’m still guided by the mantra I created for my new life adventure:

Explore. Discover. Share. Enlighten. Empower. Inspire.

This blog will share my thoughts and impressions and experiences of this journey — as well as musings on other stuff. People who know me will agree that I’ve got a lot to say… always. So I’m just gonna say what’s rattling around in my brain here — and free up space so my head (and heart) can focus on creating my Next Act.

I’m excited. Better days are ahead. For all of us.

For a peek at my Next Act vision and mission, check out www.becks-next-act.com.

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